Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ghost Busted # 1

2nd Sunday, Houston, TN: 
"It was like a glimpse of fire; It was like the air fired around; see, we were very frightened and ran away home in a hurry", says two young students of the Houston High School who had witnessed an ANGEL ORB on a cloudy night. They seem to be frightened of the scene and never agree to come to the place again. They show their evidence, a photograph showing the angel orb in front of a statue with clear-cut image of that Orb that frightened them. The digital camera has been analyzed by specialists to check out the troubles, if any. "Perhaps it may be the spirit of the student who has just passed by", said the others.

Sheela was reading this news aloud and said, "Wow! Brilliant! What you say about this professor?"

Professor Govind said, "Well, Orbs caught in photographs! Might be some optical phenomenon".

Sheela, "What? Professor, But they have an evidence. See this photograph showing the angel orb. "

"Hmm. Am very sure that this is not an angel orb. Nor a devil spirit too! Just try to understand Sheela, this is just an optical phenomenon.

The human eye has the power of perceiving only a narrow range of the spectra of the Universe. So, we cannot see things which are transparent to visible spectra. But digital camera which perceives and records a wide range of spectra including Infra-red and ultra-violet. So, this picture must have been taken from such digital camera.

Orbs are nothing but some objects which are transparent completely to the visible spectra and so we humans cannot see such bodies. They are mostly gases and rarely liquids and solids. For instance, we cannot see the water vapors on the sky, which an Infra-red picture can show clearly those things with diverse colors shades so as to distinguish their density", said Professor Govind.

"So, you say it's not the angel orb. Yeah?" asked Sheela. 

"Well, even water drops on the lens, dust particles and stuff like these can even cause such abnormal perception. Hmm, to be more exact, it's paranormal. See, we have only witnessed optical phenomena like diffraction, interference and polarization of visible spectra. We should never forgot that even invisible spectra undergo these phenomena whose result , we cannot perceive with our eyes. Still digital IR cameras and other devices can record these patterns, which frightens us. To say that a terrible demon just now had a cup of coffee with me sounds more of a comedy than of a mystery."

"Hmm. Usually I've seen skeptical listeners who just argue that angels and demons never exists but they could not give a perfect scientific reason for the non-existence of the puzzling happenings like this one", said Sheela with inquisitive eyes.

That's what for I am here," said and smiled professor Govind.

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